Our Approach

We love a challenge

VM Development Group is a regional leader in the redevelopment of high-profile urban and historic buildings for commercial and residential use. Based in Easton, Pennsylvania, and extending into western New Jersey, we conceptualize and create financially and structurally solid, sustainably minded, and visually striking buildings.

“White elephants” are our specialty

There’s nothing like taking structures that are considered difficult to renovate or restoration projects abandoned before completion—aka white elephants—and transforming them into catalysts for revitalization, renewal, and community growth.

Built on a foundation of intelligent design and construction

Owners Mark Mulligan, Gretchen Rice, and William Vogt have detailed knowledge and decades of experience in construction management and sustainable revitalization and a solid track record of smartly redeveloping historic buildings in centers of urban culture.

Invested For The Long Term

Our partnership-minded approach and long-term ties to the development projects are rare in the industry. Whether it’s a public-private partnership or solely private investments, we don’t build or renovate and flip. It’s our name on a project from identifying, creating, and building through leasing, managing, and maintenance. We manage the construction of our own projects and take pride in our successful leveraging of federal historic tax credits, grants, and tax abatement programs for our projects.